Study areas

The study area is focused along US 2 between Coles Corner and Cashmere.

The study team has divided the corridor into four segments, each with unique opportunities and challenges.


The study team used a drone to video conditions during the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival at 4 p.m. on a Saturday. See the four videos below.

Front Street & US 2 intersection. As Front Street is open for pedestrians only during the festival, we see large numbers of pedestrians accessing Front Street from both the west and the north side of US 2.

US 2 & Evans Street intersection. High levels of pedestrian activity accessing Front Street through the intersection and a high volume of traffic traveling east on US 2. We also see several pedestrians crossing both US 2 and Evans Street between marked crossings.

Ski Hill Road & US 2 intersection, looking northeast across Leavenworth. We see congestion on US 2 in the eastbound direction and large numbers of pedestrians crossing US 2 at the Evans Street intersection.

Spanning the corridor beginning at the Chumstick Highway & US 2 intersection. Shows high levels of pedestrian activity along the corridor and vehicle congestion beginning to build in the eastbound direction.

Take notes as you go