Community involvement

How was the community involved during the study?

  • Project Advisory Committee (PAC): The project team identified a diverse group of local stakeholders who guided the development of possible solutions and met five times throughout the life of the project.
  • Stakeholder interviews: The project team completed 13 interviews with area community groups, business owners, festival operators, emergency service providers and non-profit groups in February 2019 to gather project area context and perspectives.
  • Technical data gathering and analysis: The project team used technical information, like traffic pattern and collision data, and community feedback to understand the challenges of the project corridor and develop informed solutions.
  • Surveys and the project website: The project team created interactive online maps and surveys so the public could help define the project Visions and Guiding Principles, react to and help refine proposed solutions and provide feedback on the Draft Plan (22 MB).
  • Community meeting: The project team hosted an open house in February 2020 to gain public perspectives on potential solutions for the corridor. Community members also shared their thoughts online.